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(Replay) Developing Family Friendly Workforce Policies

On Demand
Until Sep 29
Facilitated by Southern Colorado SBDC
Topic: Managing a Business

Family-Friendly Pueblo County (FFPC) focuses on helping businesses adopt family-friendly work environments. Studies have shown family-friendly workplace benefits increase recruitment rates and employee productivity and retention, as it allows for a family/life/work balance to be achieved.

The program’s goal is to reach out to local businesses (specifically minority-owned or those primarily made up of minorities) to assess what they are already doing around family-friendly workplace benefits, along with where there are areas for opportunity. This happens during an in-person (currently a Zoom call), where information is gathered to help you create an action plan of what kinds of changes can be made with timelines and steps needed to engage and inform employees. As the business implements the work plan, the program lead will provide technical assistance, such as connecting you with other organizations making similar changes, building evaluation methods, and providing a clearinghouse of best practice examples, tips, or resources, etc. These services are all free!

We have also been working with local partners, such as Executives Partnering to Invest in Children (EPIC) and the four Pueblo Chambers of Commerce, to create the recognition process for those worksites promoting and practicing a family-friendly work environment. We want to acknowledge the amazing work businesses are doing and also provide incentives for those creating new or improving upon existing benefits, as this helps recruit potential employees.

Lindsey Dunbar with Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment will talk through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Fee: No Cost

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