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(Replay) Social Engineering

On Demand
Until Jun 30
Facilitated by Southern Colorado SBDC
Topic: Technology

As a government contractor, you need to protect your network. Government contractors must be aware of what “Social Engineering” means to your firm’s security systems.

Is your firm knowledgeable about an attack, or know how to prevent data breaches to sensitive information and defend its organizational vulnerabilities?

Corvus Technologies’ Principal Owner/Subcontracts Manager, Coryn Mann, with Eric Mann, Co-Owner/Principal Security Consultant, will impart wisdom for how your firm can defend against social engineering deceptions that threaten organizational security.

Topics that will be covered:
  • Why focus on Social Engineering
  • What is Social Engineering
  • Social Engineering Psychological Principles
  • Social Engineering Information Gathering
  • Social Engineering Attack Vectors
  • Phishing
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts
  • Malware
  • How to Harden Your Organization

Fee: No Cost

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