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Engineering & Professional Services Series (5-part)

On Demand
Until Dec 30

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Topic: Government Contracting


A series of five On-Demand webinars for Engineering & Professional Services Firms, including surveying, environmental and construction management @ one rate of $75 (a savings of $25). Click the REGISTER button at the bottom of this event to register for the complete five-part series recorded in 2021.

Click on the individual links below to sign up for specific webinars @ $20 each.
Keys To Growing a Successful Transportation Consulting Firm
Marketing Tips for Engineering & Professional Services Firms
Maximizing Your Indirect Cost Rates
Creating Winning Proposals and Submitting to CDOT
CDOT Prequalification and Master Price Agreement

Following are the details:

I. Keys To Growing a Successful Transportation Consulting Firm
Starting and growing your consulting firm is full of risks and rewards. You likely started your career as an engineer or other working professional. Now you are a business owner, and must shift your mindset. Maybe you were a savvy business person that knew exactly what to do. Or perhaps you are like most of us -- doing the best you can and learning as you go. In this session of our consulting series, Scott Thomas, a founder of Apex Design, now a CONSOR Company, will talk candidly about how to grow your business and share what he’s learned along the way.

What You'll Learn:

  • Demonstrating value to primes and owners
  • Maintaining relationships and building a network
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Winning work
  • Focusing on the highest and best use of your time
  • Investing in your business and optimizing it
  • Knowing when, who, and how to hire

II. Marketing Tips for Engineering & Professional Services Firms
Do you want to know what makes prime consultants want to work with you? It’s the secret sauce for getting on teams and building long-term relationships. This webinar will provide insider tips on successful strategies, as well as common mistakes, for marketing your small business to larger firms vying for CDOT and other government engineering-related work. You'll get perspectives from both a large prime consultant and a successful DBE firm. The speakers will be Brad Doyle, Project Director, Atkins and Michelle Hansen, Transportation Engineer, Stolfus and Associates.

What You'll Learn:

  • The best ways (and how often) to reach out to prime consultants
  • How to make a great first impression and stand out from the competition
  • Best practices for networking, including how to make it work now with social distancing
  • Getting on team and in proposals
  • Why and why not go exclusive

III. Maximizing Your Indirect Cost Rates One of the most important elements of pricing professional services for government contracting is Indirect Cost (IDC) rates. This workshop will cover the types of IDC bases and rates, components and calculation of an IDC rate, how to determine the appropriate rate that should be used on a project, allowable and unallowable costs, and how a firm's business and accounting policies affect their rate. The speakers will be Dan Markham, Owner, and Jennifer Clippinger, CPA, both of Markham & Associates, PC.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to calculate FAR compliant indirect cost rates for government contracting
  • How to create business and accounting policies that maximize your IDC
  • The difference between allowable and unallowable costs
  • The effect that tax planning has on the indirect rate
  • Examples about how your policies can affect your indirect rate

IV. Creating Winning Proposals and Submitting to CDOT
In the A/E/C industry, proposal writing is a way of life. Some firms excel at writing proposals while others just "get by." When you're competing based solely upon qualifications, the quality of proposal and how you set your firm apart from the competition can mean the difference between first and second place. This webinar will give you tips on navigating the Professional Services proposal lifecycle from finding RFPs to post-award debrief.

You'll get an "external" perspective from a successful Business Development Manager at a medium-sized professional services firm. You'll also get "insider" knowledge from CDOT Engineering Contracts about how they evaluate proposals and how to put your best foot forward in a highly competitive environment. The speakers will be Anna Bosted, Business Development, ERO Resources, and Pehle Colletta, CDOT Professional Services Contracts Manager.

What You'll Learn:

  • Finding RFP's and identifying key information
  • Making go/no go decisions
  • Crafting a proposal response
  • Understanding what makes a proposal compelling and dynamic
  • Submitting your proposal
  • What CDOT reviewers are looking for and how they evaluate and score proposals
  • Common mistakes that take proposals out of the running
  • Best practices of winning proposers

V. CDOT Prequalification & Master Price Agreement
This webinar will explain the process for getting prequalified by CDOT to provide highway design-related Professional Services on CDOT projects (engineering, environmental, surveying, etc.). ALL professional services consultants, both prime and sub, must be prequalified and have a Master Price Agreement (MPA) with CDOT in order to work on any Project-Specific or Non-Project Specific task orders.

CDOT Prequalification is made up of two steps: (1) technical; and (2) financial. Technical prequalification is being transitioned from the CDOT SuSS Portal to Rocky Mountain ePurchasing (BidNet Direct). You will see how to complete the application and renew annually in the new system. Financial prequalification results in an MPA with CDOT that establishes your hourly billing rates for consultants working on CDOT projects. The speakers will be: Darrell Wells, CDOT Prequalification, Josh Gosenca, CDOT Audit, and Cathy Kramer, Connect2DOT Program Manager.

What You'll Learn:

  • CDOT requirements for technical and financial prequalification
  • Difference between "Consultants" and "Vendors"
  • Rocky Mountain ePurchasing (BidNet Direct) for technical prequalification
  • CDOT Form 1058 and other required attachments
  • Process and documentation required to obtain a Master Price Agreement (MPA)

Fee: $ 75.00

Pay via PayPal upon registration

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