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Thinking Ahead: Employee Retention Strategies & Employee Ownership Models

Thu 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Facilitated by Central Mountain SBDC
Topic: Business Basics

Over the past few years, you dealt with a pandemic, supply chain disruptions, wildfires, finding employees, and a host of other challenges. Your primary concern has been (and may still be) keeping your head above water, and we understand why. We invite you to pause from "treading water" and think about where you want to be "swimming" toward. Join us on a monthly basis as we "Think Ahead" and discuss different destinations you can begin evaluating such as: Schedule: 7/21 - Employee Retention Strategies & Employee Ownership Models 8/23 - Planning for a Recession 9/22 - Maximizing Cash Flow Let's talk about how to better align your business with your personal goals in an ever-changing environment and the tactics you can employ to accomplish them.

Speaker(s): Speaker(s): Speaker(s): Dale Jasinski lives in Fraser, CO and is a former CPA, family businessman, serial entrepreneur, and an associate professor of entrepreneurship at Quinnipiac University

Fee: No Cost

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