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[On Demand] Marketing Power Hour: Brand Pyramid Part 1

On Demand
Until Jun 30
Facilitated by Central Mountain SBDC
Topic: Marketing and Sales

Delve into the foundational elements of building a strong brand. In Part 1 of our Brand Pyramid series, 'Crafting Your Unique Identity,' we'll explore the critical steps of defining your brand's core values, mission, and unique selling propositions. Brand positioning creates clarity and guidance around what you do and for who you serve. It also defines to your target consumer why you are the best company for them and gives them reasons to believe in you and your products. Creating a consistent brand personality will help you connect with your customers and connection builds engagement, conversion, loyalty, and ultimately advocacy. In this two part webinar we will talk about what a brand pyramid is and break it down between building your brand story and attracting your audience. Brand Pyramid Part 1 - Defining Consistent and Authentic Branding and Storytelling - What is a Brand & The Branding Framework - Vision: Create your company inspiration, commitment, and purpose - Values: Aligning with four to five core values and principles that will shape company culture - Competitive Analysis: Identifying, investigating, and analyzing the competitive set and your category overall

Speaker(s): Kristine Carey is the Executive Director of Naturally Boulder and founder of Brand Guide, advising food and beverage companies on brand development, and communication strategy. She is also the creator and advisor of Brandamentals AcademyTM an eLearning branding and marketing communications course for startup and emerging brands with purpose-driven and better-for-you products and services. Kristine’s career as a Brand Guide has allowed her to build awareness and consistent brand messaging that connects with consumers and business partners alike. She is a mission-driven strategist with an entrepreneurial spirit working with pre-revenue startups and emerging brands.


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