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Negotiation with the Savvy Buyer

Wed 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

This event has been canceled

Topic: Marketing and Sales

Have you ever come out of a negotiation with a buyer and felt like they got everything they wanted and you got nothing? Buyers negotiate everything from time of delivery to cost to the scope of the project. And they’re good at it! Negotiation has become a way of life. Why? Because everyone is negotiating. Business owners negotiate projects, projections, and deadlines with department heads and managers. Sales managers negotiate sales quotas, territory assignments, and performance incentives with their sales teams. Salespeople negotiate price, terms, and purchase incentives with savvy buyers who are always looking for a better deal. Negotiating is a vital skill for business success. Gain tools from Sandler Training, to confidently enter into negotiations as well as learn techniques to better understand the other point of view, how to skillfully influence the situation and effectively orchestrate true win-win outcomes. • Participants in this session will walk away with a better understanding of the following pitfalls of negotiation and how to avoid them: • Failing to recognize and deal with a player • Weak pre-negotiation positioning • Making unilateral concessions • Talking too much • Losing control of your emotions • Entering negotiations unprepared • Thinking that money is the real issue

Speaker(s): Phil Pelto

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Fee: $ 15.00

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