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How to Succeed in Sales Track

Tue 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
3 sessions ending Tue, Nov 16

Are you and your sales team ready to take your sales success to the next level in the final quarter of 2021? Join us for this three-part sales training TRACK that will help you succeed through:

  • Increasing win rates and revenue margins
  • Increasing the number of salespeople exceeding quota
  • Building a repeatable, efficient sales process
  • Boosting customer retention and cross-selling success
  • Improving the accuracy of your sales forecasting

October 26|9-11 am

Leading the Buyer/Seller Dance

In the buyer/seller dance, someone must lead. Someone must know the steps, or you’re both just reacting. We know that on the dance floor—or anywhere in life—if we push, people resist. So instead, why not learn to be fluid in your communication, be a great listener, and know the proper steps?

Join us as we demonstrate through engaging exercises how to build rapport, establish equal stature, and end the mutual mystification of the sales process. Are you ready to sell more--and sell more easily?

You will learn:

  • Secrets to building an engaging 30-second commercial.
  • Ways to build rapport and uncover the buyer’s actual needs.
  • How to start and end meetings in a way that prevents the game of “chase the prospect.”


Nov 9 | 9-11 am

Why Have a System for Selling?

Have you ever wondered why prospects disappear after a great meeting, never to be found again? Ever find yourself doing too much unpaid consulting? Would you like to spend less time chasing prospects and more time closing sales efficiently?

Join us for an interactive session on the value of having a system for selling that benefits you AND your prospects. You will learn:

  • How a repeatable process for developing sales opportunities improves your ability to close.
  • How to uncover your buyer’s underlying challenges and get money issues on the table.
  • A proven order of steps in the selling process to help you quickly qualify (and disqualify) prospects.


Nov 16 | 9-11 am

Yes, You Can: Sell More, and Sell More Easily

Even the best salespeople can improve. The best salespeople focus on more than just technique; they continually hone their attitudes and behaviors to boost success. If you have ever been in a sales slump or struggle with self-limiting attitudes or beliefs, this session is for you.

Join us as we reinforce the best concepts from Leading the Buyer/Seller Dance and Why Have a System for Selling, and share best practices you can apply right away for:

  • Increasing the behaviors that generate the most revenue.
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs and gaining a competitive edge with tools that maximize results.
  • Boosting your sales techniques so you can sell more easily by discovering instead of convincing.


What To Expect

  • Welcome & Individual check-ins
  • Facilitator led overview of the topic
  • Interactive discussions
  • Wrap up and final thoughts
  • Investment

Standard Track Fee (Includes all 3 classes)

  • $100 Standard Track Fee
  • $50 for DMCC Bronze

Standard Course Fee

  • $35 class
  • $25 for DMCC Bronze Members
  • Free for DMCC Members Silver and above


Meet Your Instructor

Kathleen Winsor-Games | Achievement Dynamics, Sandler Training

Kathleen is Vice President of Sales and Organizational Excellence for Achievement Dynamics, Sandler Training in Denver. She has a passion for helping individuals and leaders maximize talent and improve performance. As a sales and leadership trainer and coach, Kathleen’s inspiring and practical approach improves the bottom line and helps build a thriving culture. Prior to joining Achievement Dynamics, Kathleen provided executive coaching and leadership development for 16 years in her role as founder of The Winsor Group. Kathleen also spent seven successful years as an executive recruiter in the financial services industry.

Fee: $ 100.00

Phone: 303-620-8076


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