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Business Foundations: Human Resources

Tue 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM
Facilitated by Denver Metro SBDC

Your business is growing. You must hire employees to help serve your customers. You know you need to follow the HR regulations, but you don’t want to be too “corporate-like” when it comes to policies and procedures.

This seminar will provide you with a basic framework to hire, fire, and manage employees in your small business without turning it into a bureaucratic nightmare.

We will answer questions like:

  • Where do you find the best talent for your business?
  • What paperwork should you complete?
  • How do you train the employees to best help them succeed?
  • How do you keep employees engaged and motivated?
  • What happens if you must fire an employee?

When you leave this webinar, you will know how to:

  • Attract talented employees,
  • Create an orientation that leads to employee engagement and success,
  • Effectively set expectations and manage employee behavior,
  • Safely discipline and terminate employees,
  • Establish consistent HR systems that work and build trust with the employees.

Suggested Audience: Business owners and managers who hire and manage employees.


Fee: $ 50.00

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