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Identifying and Sizing Market Opportunities Roundtable-Get a Taste of the 2015 TechVenture Series

Fri 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM

After working with emerging companies for the past 10 years to help them overcome market and business growth hurdles, Colorado Emerging Ventures (a program of Boulder SBDC) developed the 2015 TechVenture Series, which consists of a cohort program that will help accelerate the growth and development of businesses in key Colorado industry growth sectors: bioscience, IT, aerospace, clean tech and advanced manufacturing. Unless a prospective market is well-defined and sizable, putting a number on it can be challenging. An emerging market can also be very dynamic with numerous players, revenue models and conflicting information. This roundtable features a cohort style of learning, meaning no lectures, but rather, a facilitated discussion with other executives who share similar business challenges. We will have a subject matter expert on hand to lend expertise in the area of identifying and sizing market opportunities. This roundtable is a free sample of the 2015 TechVenture Series, which begins June 12 and meets monthly on the 2nd Friday of the month through October, with two meetings in June. This particular program is not for start-ups. It is for qualified businesses in the following industry sectors: bioscience, IT, aerospace, clean tech and advanced manufacturing. Email Sharon King at for details.

Speaker(s): Mo (Maureen) Kanwischer, Sharon King, Ruth Janjic

Facilitator Bios: Maureen (Mo) Kanwischer is an experienced facilitator and enjoys helping business owners and leaders reach their full potential and realize their own definition of success. Committed to life-long learning, she thrives when challenged with an issue and enjoys the process of defining a problem, shaping solutions and executing a plan of action. With over 25 years of marketing and business development experience in high-tech, ecommerce, manufacturing, healthcare and service companies, Mo brings a wealth of professional experience to the SBDC with a solid background in marketing, strategic planning and business model development. She also has experience in developing business and marketing plans, product management, new product launches, marketing communication programs, product positioning and event management. As a consultant, Mo most often works in engagements with an emphasis on strategic planning, crafting business plans and marketing plans, product management and new product launches. Recognized for her public speaking ability, she has been a sought after speaker and is a fanatic for client care and customer satisfaction. Mo is a member of the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC), serves on the board of CDC Development and is a member of the Business Advisory Board sponsored by Congressman Jared Polis. In the past 10 years, Sharon King and the Boulder SBDC have worked with over 5,000 entrepreneurs from startups through 2nd stage companies, from “Main Street” businesses through highly scalable manufacturing and Advanced Industries. Sharon’s first business was a vintage retail store – right out of college. Just before joining the SBDC in 2004, Sharon converted and re-branded a franchise hotel into the independent Boulder Outlook Hotel, in which she was an investor. In the 30 years between, Sharon has been an entrepreneur, marketing executive and consultant for small (and larger) businesses in many industries -- including hospitality, professional services, banking, consumer products, retail and manufacturing. She holds an MBA from Cornell University, is nationally-certified as an Economic Gardening Team Leader through the Edward Lowe Foundation and is a Certified Technology Consultant by the Institute of Technology Commercialization. She is nationally certified to facilitate FastTrac NewVenture, GrowthVenture and TechVenture programs through the Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurship. Ruth Janjic is a marketing generalist with deep experience conducting secondary industry research, marketing analysis and strategy work. Ruth started her career in sales and marketing for one of the first Apple retailers, followed by a stint in high-growth technology firms, including Qualcomm. She switched to consulting during the dot-com boom, evaluating the online advertising and revenue models of emerging online publishers, and eventually advising on digital marketing strategies for traditional companies as they came online. Ruth has since spent hundreds of hours researching the strategies of a broad range of industries, including technology, publishing, retail, and professional services. More recently, she added not-for-profit organizations and small businesses to her knowledge base and enjoys helping them with their marketing challenges. Ruth holds an M.B.A. from the University of Washington and a B.A. from the University of New Hampshire. The 2015 TechVenture Series was developed with funding from JPMorgan Chase Foundation, in collaboration with CO-LABS, Colorado BioScience Association, CAMA, Kauffmann Center for Entrepreneurship’s FastTrac program and other partners. The Colorado Small Business Development Center Network (Colorado SBDC) is partially funded by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). The support given by the SBA through such funding does not constitute an expressed or implied endorsement of any of the co-sponsors' or participants' opinions, products or services. The Colorado SBDC is a partnership between the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, the SBA, Colorado's Institutions of higher education, and local development organizations.

Fee: No Cost

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