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Better Business Prenup: Steps to Building a Successful Partnership

Thu 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Choosing the right business partner is a decision that can affect the entire future of your company. It can be hugely beneficial to bring on another person whose skill set can complement yours and help the business grow. But having a business partner also requires transparent communication so the business isn't put at risk. Much like a marriage, a business partnership, new or existing, is not always easy, and having a solid foundation is paramount. This workshop is designed for both new businesses as well as existing business partnerships who are looking to revamp their communication, tackle some tough questions they might not have considered, and identify each individual's goals as well as the long-term vision of the company. Walk away feeling clearer about questions surrounding roles and responsibilities, work styles, financial considerations and more! Presenters, Chuck Hunker and Jaime Roth will help you dig deep into your business partnership and start the process of creating an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) to protect your business for years to come!

Speaker(s): Jaime Roth and Chuck Hunker, True Connect

Co-Sponsor(s): City of Boulder

About True Connect: True Connect was co-founded by attorney Jaime Roth and entrepreneur and business consultant Chuck Hunker to help entrepreneurs set a foundation for healthy cofounder and partner relationships, and resolve conflicts along the way. The success of your business may depend on the health and resilience of your working relationship. All too often, with the excitement of beginning a project or the patterns that develop over time in an established business, partners give their working relationship perfunctory attention. A section devoted to who, what, why and how in a partnership should be an integral part of any business plan or strategic study. The rate of failure in businesses today is higher than the divorce rate and often the root cause is a partnership problem. When creating a business with a partner, why not make every effort to craft a work life that will bring not only financial success, but personal fulfillment? In this workshop we will discuss goals, roles, monetary and other considerations, values, life and work styles, and communication tips to keep partners on the same page and working as a resilient and effective team. Presenter bios: Jaime is an attorney at Roth Legal Solutions LLC, where she provides general counsel services for growing businesses and employment law counsel to companies and individuals. Jaime formerly litigated workplace disputes and has served as in-house counsel to large organizations and development projects. While Jaime is a skilled advocate in the courtroom, her passion is helping people build things together, rather than helping to tear each other apart. Jaime honed her conflict resolution skills at the New York Peace Institute and has since mediated and facilitated hundreds of difficult conversations between neighbors, parents, divorcing spouses, and business partners. Chuck is a long time Boulder resident and business owner, having successfully owned and operated retail stores in Boulder, Denver and Broomfield with his wife and business partner for over 25 years. He then developed a SaaS business to assist in the division of personal property in divorce and estate planning matters. Chuck has also successfully bought and sold real estate holdings with investment partners, and he counsels entrepreneurs and growing businesses through the Boulder Small Business Development Center. He is passionate about helping businesses to thrive. The Colorado Small Business Development Center Network is partially funded by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA.) The support given by the SBA through such funding does not constitute an expressed or implied endorsement of any of the co-sponsors' or participants' opinions, products or services. The Colorado SBDC is a partnership between the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, the SBA, Colorado's institutions of higher education and local development organizations.

Fee: $ 45.00

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