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Webinar: Calculating Indirect Rates for Government Contracts and Grants

Thu 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Facilitated by Boulder SBDC
Topic: Tech Commercialization/SBIR

In this webinar we will start with the basics of what is an indirect rate and what is important when selecting the indirect rate structure your organization will use. We touch on agency norms when selecting indirect rates, as well as what makes sense for your business type. We also talk briefly about what is required in an indirect rate. Once an indirect rate is selected, then you must be able to calculate that rate. This webinar will cover three basic rate structures that are generally tied to the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health and Department of Defense. We will describe these rates and where you can get helpful guidance in working through the calculations. This webinar will also talk about determining the bases of each rate structure as well as how to develop the pools for your rate structures. We will touch on accounting system structures that assist in segregating costs into rate structure pools which will simplify the process and improve your audit worthiness. There are many links in the presentation that will be useful to anyone viewing this webinar to assist in preparing indirect rates in the future.

Speaker(s): Brian Ormsby, Pantheon Solutions

Co-Sponsor(s): Colorado SBDC TechSource

Presenter Bio: Brian Ormsby, Founder & CE0, Pantheon Solutions LLC Brian is passionate about helping small business succeed in the difficult terrain that is government compliant accounting and contract management. Brian is a US Air Force Veteran serving in Cost & Budget Analysis. Brian also spent 10 years as the Director of Operations and Program Manager with Pathfinder Systems, Inc. building simulators for the US Department of Defense and NATO allies. Brian has extensive experience in cost and pricing. During his tenure at Pathfinder, Brian was responsible for all Cost Volume submission for the company’s proposals to the DoD and NATO allies (several per year). Brian currently specializes in helping firms manage their accounting and contracts with the DoD, NSF, NIH, DOE and NASA. Brian is a certified ISO 9001 Quality Auditor as well as a DOT certified Cost Analyst. He holds a BS in Management from Regents College. The Colorado Small Business Development Center Network is a partnership between the State of Colorado, Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, the Small Business Administration (SBA), Colorado’s institutions of higher education, local economic development organizations and local chambers of commerce. Funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the U. S. Small Business Administration.

Fee: No Cost

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