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[ON DEMAND] Cybersecurity for Construction - Part 5: Cyber Scams and Social Engineering

On Demand
Until Dec 31

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Facilitated by Pikes Peak SBDC
Topic: Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity for Construction - Part 5: Cyber Scams and Social Engineering

Cyber and social engineering scams are up over 900% nationally and some are very specific to the AEC industry. Since major fires destroyed many communities in several western states and due to increased construction during the pandemic over the past 18 months, construction materials have become more costly and, in some instances scarce making them more valuable to AEC companies and to those that want to steal these resources.

In this class we will look at some real-world case studies where the AEC industry has lost millions of dollars in resources, technology and personnel due to scams and social engineering. We will look at methods to identify these threats, train unwary employees and develop tactics to minimize the impact to your organization.

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Session Topics

• Social Engineering tactics
• Scams related to AEC
• Training and awareness resources
• Reporting instances
• Developing a strategy to minimize the risk

Facilitated by:

Shawn Murray

Shawn P. Murray

Murray Security Services

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