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[ON DEMAND] Cybersecurity for Construction - Part 2: Data Protection

On Demand
Until Sep 30
Facilitated by Pikes Peak SBDC
Topic: Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity for Construction - Part 2: Data Protection

Have you ever thought about all of the sensitive information and data that the AEC industry develops, shares, transmits, uses and stores? Have you ever thought of how that information and data is protected? Plans, drawings, schedules, pricing information, proprietary information and intellectual property needs to be inventoried and shared with only those entities that have a need to know the information. It can be overwhelming for some companies to address the issue. In this class we will look at the most common mistakes that are made and look at strategies in protecting information and data.

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Session Topics

• Sensitive Information & data
• Classifying and categorizing your information and data
• Classifying and categorizing assets that process, transmit or store sensitive information or data
• Developing a protection strategy
• Real world breaches in the AEC industry

Facilitated by:

Shawn Murray

Shawn P. Murray

Murray Security Services

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