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[On Demand] Horror Stories of Handshake Agreements

On Demand
Until Dec 31

This event has been canceled

Facilitated by Larimer SBDC
Topic: Managing a Business

Scary Stories that Show Why You Should Draft Documents" aims to educate through fear. Samantha Peaslee of Polaris Law Group discusses three key areas in which business owners have been burned by not having written agreements (or not having the right written agreements)

  • Piercing the Corporate Veil
  • Property Protection
  • Accidental Partnerships.

For each topic, Samantha shares two to three true stories that show what can happen if written agreements aren't used or aren't used correctly, along with some takeaways from each. Learn from someone else's expensive learning experience so that you don't become a story for next year's webinar!

Our Presenter:

Samantha Peaslee
Polaris Law Group

Refund Policy: No cash refunds, credit will be rolled over to another class.

Fee: $ 25.00

Pay via credit card online.

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