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Engineering & Professional Services Training Series

Tue 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
5 sessions ending Wed, Jul 13
Topic: Government Contracting


Join CDOT's Connect2DOT program and the Aurora-South Metro SBDC for a monthly five-part webinar series led by experts in the industry who will share their insights and wisdom. These workshops are designed specifically for engineers and professional services consultants working on transportation and infrastructure projects in Colorado. All sessions start at 9AM.


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The complete five-part series is now On Demand @ $100 total. Click on the individual titles below to sign up for specific webinars @ $20 each. (The SBDC has a no-refund policy.)

Following are the details for the series:

1. Keys To Growing a Successful Transportation Consulting Firm
Recorded March 8, 9AM - 11AM
Registration link for this webinar only -- now On Demand @ $20
Starting and growing your consulting firm is full of risks and rewards. You likely started your career as an engineer or other working professional. Now you are a business owner, and must shift your mindset. Maybe you were a savvy business person that knew exactly what to do. Or perhaps you are like most of us – doing the best you can and learning as you go.

Join us for the kick-off session of the Connect2DOT Engineering Training Series and get wisdom and insights from Melissa Rosas, President of Apex Design, a CONSOR Company. She will share her experience growing Apex Design to a full-service transportation solutions firm with more than 55 people and eventually positioning it to be purchased by CONSOR, a national transportation engineering firm. Come ask the hard questions and find out what she’s learned along the way.

What You'll Learn:

  • Demonstrating value to primes and owners
  • Maintaining relationships and building a network
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Winning work
  • Focusing on the highest and best use of your time
  • Investing in your business and optimizing it
  • Knowing when, who, and how to hire

2. Marketing Tips, Tricks, and Tactics for Professional Services Firms
Recorded April 12, 9AM - 10AM
Registration link for this webinar only -- now On Demand @ $20
Do you want to know what makes prime consultants and owners want to work with you? It’s the secret sauce for getting on teams and building long-term relationships. This webinar will provide insider tips and successful strategies, as well as common mistakes, for marketing your professional services firm to larger firms vying for CDOT and other government engineering-related work. You'll get perspectives from both a large prime consultant and a successful DBE firm who know the ropes. Join Stephen Pouliot, Vice President at Michael Baker International, and Jerry Mugg, P.E., Vice President at HG Consult, for tips to elevate your business development efforts.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to make a great first impression and stand out from the competition
  • Best practices for networking and relationship building
  • Which marketing tactics work…and which don’t
  • Getting on team and in proposals
  • Why and why not go exclusive

3. Understanding FAR-compliant Rates and Indirect Costs (IDC)
Recorded May 10, 9AM - 11AM
Registration link for this webinar -- now On Demand @ $20
If you’re new to government contracting or want to increase your firm’s profitability, this workshop will help you better understand how the government evaluates and approves your hourly rates. It is critical that you know what goes into your cost pools and how to maximize your indirect cost rates for a greater multiplier. Dan Markham and Jennifer Clippinger, with Markham & Associates PC, will show you how FAR-compliant rates are calculated, the difference between allowable and unallowable costs, how a firm’s policies affect their indirect cost rate, and how to ensure your government projects are profitable. You’ll also learn how to account for PPP loans and forgiveness so your rates don’t take a hit.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to calculate FAR-compliant indirect cost rates for government contracting
  • How to create business and accounting policies that maximize your IDC
  • The difference between allowable and unallowable costs
  • The effect that tax planning has on the indirect rate
  • Examples about how your policies can affect your indirect rate
  • Proper accounting for PPP loans and forgiveness

4. Creating Winning Proposals & Mastering CDOT Evaluations
Recorded June 14, 9AM - 11AM
Registration link for this webinar only -- now On Demand @ $20
For consultants, proposal writing is a way of life. Some firms excel at this while others just "get by." When you're competing based solely upon qualifications, the quality of proposal and how you set your firm apart from the competition can mean the difference between first and second place. This webinar will give you tips on navigating the Professional Services proposal lifecycle from finding RFPs and teaming to learn what CDOT looks for in a proposal and what to ask for in a debrief.

Get an "external" perspective from Derek Lindvall, Vice President of Vivid Engineering who was recently the Sr. Division Manager at Atkins. You'll also hear directly from Pehle Colletta, Professional Services Contracts Manager with CDOT’s Engineering Contracts Division, about how CDOT evaluates proposals using Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) and how you can put your best foot forward in a highly competitive environment.

What You'll Learn:

  • Finding RFP's and identifying key information
  • Making go/no go decisions
  • Crafting a proposal response
  • Understanding what makes a proposal compelling and dynamic
  • Submitting your proposal
  • What CDOT reviewers are looking for and how they evaluate and score proposals
  • Common mistakes that take proposals out of the running
  • Best practices of winning proposers

5. CDOT Prequalification & Master Pricing Agreements
Recorded July 13, 9AM - 11AM
Registration link for this webinar only -- now On Demand @ $20
Get prequalified and instantly become eligible to team and contract with CDOT! This webinar will help you understand CDOT’s Technical and Financial prequalification process for professional services consultants (e.g., engineering, surveying, environmental, construction management, etc.). ALL professional services consultants, both prime and sub, must be prequalified to work on any CDOT Project-Specific or Non-Project Specific task orders.

You’ll learn how to complete Form 1058 and submit the necessary documents in the CDOT’s new online system to be technically prequalified. You’ll also learn the steps and requirements for obtaining a Master Price Agreement (MPA) to be financially prequalified and eligible for consultant contracts and task orders.

What You'll Learn:

  • Difference between "Consultants" and "Vendors"
  • CDOT requirements for technical and financial prequalification
  • Navigating the prequalification system
  • Completing the prequalification application and CDOT Form 1058
  • Process and documentation required to obtain a Master Price Agreement (MPA)
  • Common mistakes and tips for submitting the correct information to CDOT

Fee: $ 100.00

Pay via PayPal upon registration. You will be automatically registered for all of the individual webinars and will receive separate emails from LogMeIn (GoToWebinar) with the link to join each class.

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